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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

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Annual Travel Insurance

If you travel regularly or plan to travel abroad frequently (let’s say 3 or 4 times in a year), then the annual travel insurance can be a wise choice for you.U...
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Your Risk-Free Vacation

Vacation, something that you surely look forward to. Going on a vacation to release stress and forget about your daily workload. Make some time to go on a vacat...
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Travel Insurance to Go on Vacations

Vacation is something everyone longs for. Most people use their vacation time to go sightseeing, embark on an adventure, or simply to travel with family. Going...
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The Importance of Travel Insurance

A vacation trip means an exploration for new experiences. A trip is supposed to entertain and relax your weary and tired mind and soul. To leave the hustle and...
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Make Your Family Trip More Fun

You plan to have a family trip but you worry about the traveling risks that might happen to you along the way. Do you worry that you might lose your luggage or...
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Travel Insurance Covers Transportation Accidents

When you are about to travel, you would pray and hope that all will go well. And then, you will try your best to be careful during the trip.If you think this is...

Frequently Asked Questions in Travel Insurance

This travel insurance coverage is borne by the insurer based on the premium determined from the destination guaranteed by the insured. Travel Insurance guarantees all losses during trips starting from disruption at departure, canceled due to illness, delay in transit, baggage damage, loss of documents and personal belongings, misconnections flight, legal liability abroad, health problems (non pre-existing ), Medical expenses abroad and in Indonesia, other accommodation costs, accidents, until death.
Guaranteed travel insurance is distinguished by region or territory that you want to visit as for the whole territory of Indonesia means the guarantee you choose is Domestic, for the Asian Continent area the underwriting you choose is Continental Asia, for underwriting of Schengen Visa means the underwriting you choose is Continental Europe Or Worldwide, as well as for other continents such as Africa and others. (For some countries, have special requirements related to travel insurance coverage)
Cancellation of travel insurance policies that have been successfully issued may not be canceled refund, unless accompanied by a letter of rejection from the Embassy at the time of filing a visa. And the cancel refund process will be subject to prevailing penalties such as cancelation fees, adm fees, taxes fees, and others.