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Motorcycle Insurance Important!

Posted At August 29th, 2019

Tips for Your Motorcycle Insurance

The motorbike is a vehicle that is widely used by the people of Indonesia for daily activities, be it going to the office, delivering goods, visiting shops, picking up families, and so on. Types of motorcycles also vary. However, many people do not care about their motor insurance.

Riding on a motorbike has a high enough risk, especially in urban areas.

Insurance not only protects the motorbike but also the life, health, and safety of you as a rider.


There are three most common reasons why motorcycle owners and users do not have motorcycle insurance.

First, motorcycle insurance is not really needed so they do not make the need for motorcycle insurance as a top priority.

This assumption is clearly wrong because the motorbike is a valuable asset. The level of risk to the motorbike and motorbike riding is very high. The facts through various statistical data also show that the level of loss and motorcycle accident is quite alarming.

This should be enough to make the owners and motorcyclists aware that they must have motorcycle insurance as their first priority.

Insurance for motorbike protection, health, and life.

So, every time they drive on their motorbikes, they must ensure that their motorbike insurance is with them.

Second, there is a stigma that insurance premiums are not cheap so they are reluctant to set aside part of their income to buy motorcycle insurance.

Imagine, if there is a risk of accidents or loss of motorcycles, the value of losses that must be borne is not small. So, the value of the insurance premium paid is actually far less than the value of financial losses that must be borne if you do not have insurance.

In essence, the premium paid is to provide a sense of security and comfort in driving that is priceless.

Third, it is difficult to get the best motorcycle insurance products, both for access and determining the product, causing skepticism about the insurance products offered.

Nowadays, there are many conveniences offered to you through digital platforms, including choosing and buying good and reliable motorcycle insurance. Bandingin.com is one of them.

Insurance product search platform that you can rely on. At Bandingin.com, you can easily view, choose, and decide to buy your motorcycle insurance. All that you do in ways that are simple, easy, and fast.

No Reason!

There should be no more excuses for you motorbike owners not to insure your motorbike. Now, you should start looking for the right insurance for motorbike protection along with your life and health as the rider.

So, keep driving safely and comfortably.

Bandingin.com !!! Helps you make smart and accurate decisions to protect yourself, your family, and your future.

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