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The Importance of Insurance for Your Motorcycle

Posted At October 23rd, 2018

Speaking of motor vehicle insurance, the insurance for motorcycles is as important as the insurance for cars because motorcycles have as much risks as cars.

Therefore, there should be no partiality in regards to protection coverage for both motorcycles and cars.

Let us look more into the reasons why motorcycle insurance is very important.

Frequency and Severity

Clearly, motorcycles are prone to various risks just like any other types of vehicles. These risks include damage, accident, loss, and even personal accident of the driver and the passenger.

The combination of frequency and severity of those risks on motorcycles are equally high.

High Frequency

Frequency is how often those risks occur. For motorcycles, clearly the frequency of those risks are considerably frequent. This is due to several factors:

  • The ever-increasing motorcycle population
  • The high mobility of motorcycles in the main roads
  • The lack of discipline in the drivers’ behavior in regards to obeying traffic regulations

The combination of the three factors above are the reason why traffic accidents involving motorcycles occur frequently. Not only that, even the frequency of criminal acts of motorcycle theft is extremely high.

High Severity

When a risk occurs, the next thing to pay attention to is the severity. Severity is the level of loss caused by the occurrence of a risk or how big is the loss

In case of motorcycles, the impact of the losses suffered is surely higher compared to other modes of transportation, especially in regards to the personal accident of the driver and the passenger.

For example, in case of an accident, the impact of physical damage on the motorcycle would be bigger. Personal accident of the driver and the passenger can also be fatal. Motorcycles are also easier to steal, hence causing total loss to the owner.

The combination of the both equally high level of frequency and severity is the main reason why motorcycle insurance becomes extremely important.

Therefore, motorcycle insurance is the best way to protect all kinds of loss that could happen due to those various risks.

The Right Kind of Protection

Motorcycle insurance should not only cover physical protection of the motorcycle itself or the third party legal liabilities, but it should also cover the protection for life safety, health, and even the driver’s income.

Motorcycle insurance with comprehensive coverage is the most appropriate and suitable, especially the one with extension of benefits which cover personal and passenger accidents, as well as third party liabilities.

However, the most important thing is still to drive safely.

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