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The History of Motorcycle

Posted At April 24th, 2019

Almost everyone may have felt riding a motorcycle, both as a driver or passenger. But have you ever known the history of the first motorcycle ever made, and who was the inventor of the motorcycle?

Many people suspect that motorbikes were first made by famous manufacturers such as Harley Davidson, BMW, or even Honda. But the allegations missed.


The initial design idea of ​​a motorcycle might have come from the development of a conventional bicycle. How does one look for practical ways to be able to move a bicycle without having to pedal by exerting great force.

Many historical records, referring to Gottlieb Daimler as the inventor of the first motorcycle, precisely on August 30, 1885. This gas-powered motorcycle is basically a gas engine attached to a conventional bicycle.

However, in Its continuation Gottlieb decided to no longer focus on making motorbikes and switch to developing companies that produce cars.

During this period, many other people also tried to make motorbikes with various experiments and the concept of motorcycle developments.

Some of the people behind this experiment include William Harley and Arthur Davidson. Two important people behind the wheel of this extraordinary Harley-Davidson company.

Harley Davidson began to strengthen Itself as a legendary motorcycle brand in the entire world since 1903.

Some other motorcycle pioneers have actually managed to build a company like Harley-Davidson.

However, many have never had enough money to survive, and eventually went bankrupt in their efforts to market their products.

Meanwhile, some of Them had to go to war when at the world war and never returned.


One of the points when the western motorcycles era has fallen, was in the 1950s. Where, They should have good understanding, about the mechanism of how to operate a motorcycle practically.

Unfortunately, American bicycle manufacturers did not pursue progress in that field. Until They began to face the competition from Japan.

It was the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, who developed the electrical starter system, to complement the motorbike to date.

American motorcycle manufacturers did not initially see Japanese bikes as threats, but This was a serious miscalculation for Them.

It didn't take long for American manufacturers to realize that They were losing a lot of potential market consumers to The Japanese motorcycle manufacturers.


Motorbikes have certainly continued to undergo transformation since Their introduction. At present, the market is filled with brands that are well known in the motorcycle industry.

As technology advances, you will find motorcycle options which are faster, more durable and cheaper on the market.

But unexpectedly, Harley-Davidson continues to be in the top ranks to achieve the consumers loyalty. Even Harley Davidson is recorded as selling more motorbikes than other manufacturers.

In fact, most of their motorbikes were sold before actually leaving the factory.

Although, the motorbikes They produced are among the most expensive motorbikes, but consumers are willing to pay more to buy quality.

Consumers are willing to spend money for investment purposes, It's about the durability of the engine and the building materials, which can last for years.


Brand name loyalty issues also play in the industry and motorcycle sales.

Now every manufacturer offers a complete range of various models and types of motorbikes, so There is no reason why You are reluctant to buy a brand or style of motorcycle that suits You.

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