facebook Motorcycle Insurance as the Best Protection for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle Insurance as the Best Protection for Your Motorcycle

Posted At July 2nd, 2018

Motorcycle Insurance as the Best Protection for Your Motorcycle

Almost everyone, especially those living in the city, own motorcycles. They use it for their daily commuting activities. Going to work, school, shopping, and so on. Sometimes they also use motorcycles for long distance travel.

A Logical Choice

The fact is, the traffic condition, especially in large cities, is a frustrating issue faced by the drivers every day. Hence, motorcycle is a logical choice as an effective and efficient solution for this traffic condition.

Motorcycles do have a number of advantages compared to other modes of transportation, especially in terms of easier mobility and cost efficiency.

Looking at these facts, it is no wonder that the number of motorcycles on the main roads have dramatically increased, especially in the last 10 years.

Motorcycles have become the favorite.

Risk and Effect

Of course, motorcycles are not without risks. The types of risks are similar to those of other vehicles. The risks of damage, accident, loss, or even personal accident involving the driver.

However, the loss effect that threatens motorcycles is greater than other transportation modes, especially for the drivers.

For example, in case of an accident, the extent of damage on a motorcycle is worse. The potential personal accident of the driver is also higher. Motorcycles are also easier to steal.

Therefore, motorcycle insurance is the best way to cover all the losses incurred from those various kinds of risks.

However, first understand about the motorcycle insurance before purchasing one.

Motorcycle Insurance

Understanding about motorcycle insurance will help making the right decision. The followings are some explanations which can help you to better understand motorcycle insurance.

According to the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKBI), motorcycle insurance is the same as car insurance. The only difference is the premium rates.

The insured risks are risks due to collision, crash, overturn, vehicle being slipped or mired, theft, criminal conduct, fire, and third party legal liability.

The types of insurance coverages are:

1.    All risks coverage

2.    Total loss only coverage

There are also additional coverages such as coverages for flood, earthquake, unrest, riot, and personal accident coverage for the driver and passenger.

Just like car insurance, those coverages can be converted into comprehensive coverage when extended with various additional coverages.

Motor vehicle insurance no longer only offers protection for the vehicle, but also for a person’s life safety, health, and even income.

The Perfect Protection

For the drivers, especially motorcyclists, surely those are the things that they should prioritize when considering purchasing an insurance.

The ideal choice is of course the correct and most suitable comprehensive coverage, especially with the personal and passenger accident coverage extension.

Let’s make safety and comfort while driving our priorities.

Bandingin.com!!! helps you make smart and accurate decision to protect yourself, your family, and your future.

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