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Protect Kid’s Health from Overweight

Posted At September 9th, 2019

Protect Kid’s Health from Overweight

You are surely want to make your child happy, and will provide some of their demands to please them, one of them is want to eat fast food. This kind of meal can have a negative effect on your child if overly consumed, one of them is overweight.

Overweight for your children can lead to same threat like adult, which is heart disease, high bloog pressure, high cholestrol, and diabetes.

Fast food is ony one of many cause of overweight, too much watching TV, playing video games, and being inactive also contribute to overweight in your child, especially with today’s technology where they can do everything with your phone.

As parents, you have a significant role to shape your child’s eating and activity habit. Help them maintaining their healthy and ideal weight needs a long-term commitment and often needs embrace from the whole family.

Some experts from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK) says that at least children need 1 hour of physical activities every day. The experts from NIDDK suggest these tips to maintain their body weight:


Set an Example

As parents, you can be an example for your kids in doing sport like cycling, dancing, playing football, or jogging. You can also register your child in any extracurricular activities in their school or a course for these activities.

Furthermore you can make a habit of eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables. Your child will learn and imitate you to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Any simple activities every day also helpful to reduce their body weight. You can wash your car together with your child, walk the dog, or doing chores together. The point is to do any activities with them and make them move their body.


Make it Fun

Your child will be more interested in doing something if they think that it is joyful. Don’t make and exercise activities to be full of pressure or forceful. For instance, take them to cicyle around your house in the evening and go home when you’re starting to feel exhausted, so they also enjoy cycling with you.

You should support your child if they have a physical hobby such as hiking or strolling. If it come out as hobby, they will more eager to do it.

Doing these things without pressure will make them do it consistently, so helps in reduce their body weight.

Less Screen Time

Watching TV, playing video games on computer and browsing internet/social media through handphone can attract their attention for hours, which lead to reduced amoount of physical activity and increase their calories consumption through snacks.

You can reduce those habits by asking them to move around during ads, playing outdoor, and apply curfew for TV and video game.

Even light and brief activities like walking to the mall or park can help them reduce screen usage, and also make them walk and move. Even just a little amount will count if done consistently.


By applying these tips, your child will be able to maintain their healthy body weight and prevent any risk of disease.

As an additional protection, you should have a health insurance for your family. One of the benefits of health insurance is if your child gets sick because of overweight, you can claim and provide best treatment and medication so they can be healthy again.

Make sure you follow the procedure as you claim and understand the rule and policy so your claim isn’t denied.

A healthy life and lifestyle free of disease is the best gift ou can give to your children.

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