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Property Insurance

Property Insurance

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The Difference Between Fire Insurance vs. Property Insurance

At a glance, fire insurance and property insurance look identical to one another.Both of them offer coverage over various property assets in the form of house o...
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Fire Insurance for Home and Property

One of the guarantees of protection for property, especially residential (home or apartment) and place of business is fire insurance.Fire InsuranceFire insuranc...
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6 Reasons Why Property Insurance is Important for You

Property insurance is the type of loss insurance that protects your property or assets in the form of house (the building) and its contents. This type of insura...
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Earthquake Insurance to Protect Your House

After an earthquake hits, we can witness how many homes and other buildings suffer heavy damage or even completely crushed to the ground. Imagine how an earthqu...
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Flood Protection

Rainy season in Indonesia always causes huge floods every year. This surely has damaging effect on properties, especially houses.Ironically, the protection for...
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Are the Properties in Your House Well Protected?

When you can finally make your dream house a reality, often the plan to protect it is not within your priority list. However, you tend to realize how important...

Frequently Asked Questions In Property Insurance

In property insurance offered 2 package of assurance that is Property All Risk (PAR) and Earth Quake, Volcano Eruption, Tsunami (EQVET). Under the PAR's own pledge of insurance, it consists of the main fire guarantees (FLEXAS), and is accompanied by an extended warranty of your choice such as the Flood Guard (TSFWD), Riot and Riot (RSMD / + CC), and other supportive guarantees in the expansion Other (Others). Whereas in EQVET policy, you are pledged for Earthquake risk, and other natural disasters originating from within the earth.
FLEXAS stands for Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft Damage and Smoke. This warranty is a primary guarantee in the PAR Policy, to guarantee loss on your property from Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft Fall and Smoke.
TSFWD stands for Typhoon, Storm, Flood and Water Damage. Which means providing underwriting for your property losses due to Hurricane, Storm, Flood and Other Water Damage.
RSMD is short for Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage, while CC means Civil Commotion. The difference between RSMD and RSMD + CC guarantees is dependent on the insurance company that guarantees the Civil Commitant or not.
Others are other guarantees in support of the extension of RSMD / + CC guarantees with various guarantees that insurers can offer (depending on package provided) such as occupant self accidents, vehiclew impact, and so on.
EQVET stands for Earth Quake, Volcano Eruption and Tsunami. Which is a separate policy of the PAR policy, for special guarantees due to losses caused by natural disasters originating from within the earth.
Requirements that must be fulfilled so that your property can be guaranteed insurance company as the insurer is; Property / around your property must not have a history of loss in the last 5 (five) years, access to your property should be able to be carried out by Fire Department, your property is not near river / time and sutet, the type and usefulness of your property should be appropriate With the underwriting you will take, the property is not close to the traditional market. The other requirements element that is not mentioned above may be submitted by the insurance company, depending on the submission and package you choose.