Privacy Policy is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of the User.

Like other websites and service providers, may collect the Personal Data of the User voluntarily. For further information, We hope for the User to read this Privacy Policy in full.

By accessing and utilizing the services available on the website, the User is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the entire contents of this Privacy Policy, including the collection, processing and use of personal information and data performed by the website on each of User visit to website.

The Privacy Policy can be changed or updated at any time without prior notice. The User are advised to always read and check the Privacy Policy carefully from time to time to find out any changes. By continuing to access and use the Services available on the website, the User shall be deemed to agree to any changes in the Privacy Policy.

1. User Data Collection

(1)   Any Personal Data, IP Address, location tags, links, comments, reviews, submitted information collected by Us or disclosed by submission or upload (cookies and others that may collect ip address information, services, data redirects, user preferences (length of visit, pages visited, search histories, actions taken, etc.) or email addresses and password used to access website) on the website shall be deemed as Information collected on the website.

(2)   The User hereby agrees that from time to time We may collect User data as mentioned above, which We may obtain through:

a.     The User, and/or anyone who has the permission and consent of the User to provide data in order to access website and the Services.

b.     any User visit to website;

c.     phone conversations between the User and Us and/or other legally authorized Parties;

d.     publicly available resources that can be obtained by Us without the consent and knowledge of the User; and/or

e.     use of the device system by the User, ie information about the IP address, operating system and browser that the User uses. When visiting website,  User information will be recorded automatically, including the type of browser or site that the User visits, the length of the visit, the information searched on website, date and access period, along with other statistics. Records are used to monitor and analyze the use of website, and improve technical administration to improve the functionality of the Services, customize the needs of the User, as well as verify the required criteria to process the User request.

(3)  The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that the User Personal Data may be processed, stored, transferred or disclosed in and to any country as deemed by Us in accordance with applicable laws and the Terms and Conditions.

(4)   We also reserve the right to process, store, transmit or disclose Personal Data in accordance with local laws and practices, rules and regulations (including any requests under rules, acts and government orders) in those countries/jurisdictions.

(5)   We may incorporate the Personal Data We obtain from the User in the manner permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

(6)   In collecting User Personal Data, We are subject to the provisions of applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to Law Number 11 Year 2008 regarding Information and Electronic Transactions and its subordinate regulations.

(7)   We do not trade and sell the User Personal Data We obtain through website and the Services, except for as required by website and the Services, as well as in compliance with the Terms and Conditions and the applicable laws and regulations.

(8)   The User hereby agrees that the failure of the User to provide true and accurate Personal Data will result in the User to be liable for any losses incurred, including but not limited to losses suffered by Us. In addition, for such omissions We reserve the right and authority to make decisions regarding the continuity of providing the User with access to website and/or the Services.

(9)   The User do not need to activate cookies while using website but some features may not be accessible or usable.

(10)  The User can change the configuration of the browser by not saving cookies.

2. Use of Personal Data

(1)   The User hereby agrees that User Personal Data can be used and/or processed in order to:

a.    grant User access and facilitate the use of website and the Services, as well as ensure that website, the Services, and the Content are displayed in the most effective manner to the User.

b.    update the User Account in Our storage;

c.    the operational requirement of website in general including but not limited to verify the identity of the User and administrative requirements of website and the Services;

d.   allow the User to participate in the website Services and other features, if the User chooses to do so;

e.   apply and review security and protection measures at website to keep website secure and guaranteed;

f.     to prevent and detect fraud, including but not limited to the use of voice detection technology to analyze recording of telephone conversations between the User and Us;

g.   to contact the User regarding User requests;

h.   to identify the User when the User contact Us or visit website;

i.     to make statistical analysis and develop as well as also improve website performance;

j.    manage website and the Services and for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistical purposes;

k.  assess or understand the effectiveness of advertisements on website and Third Party advertisements on website and on other Third Party platforms, and to deliver relevant advertisements to the User;

l.     notify Users of any changes to the website, the Services, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and other documents;

m. comply with the legal, regulatory and compliance requirements applicable to Us and/or website under the applicable laws and regulations and comply with any agreements that apply to Us and/or website;

n.  conduct internal management to operate the control and management information system and carry out internal audits or permit the conduct of external audits.

(2)   We may still use the User Personal Data for any other purposes relating to any of the above in accordance with the generally accepted norms and practices.

(3)   We warrant that no sale, transfer, distribution or lend of User Personal Data to any party other than as specified in the Agreement, without the consent of the User, except where We in whole or in part of its assets are acquired or merged with a third party, owned by Us will be one of the assets transferred or merged.

(4)   We may disclose User Personal Data to our group of companies, including but not limited to our shareholders, subsidiaries, partners and/or affiliated companies.

3. Personal Data Storage Facility

(1)   We store all Personal Data provided by Users and/or received through website in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

(2)   The User hereby understands and agrees that We may store User Personal Data outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia on the basis of our sole discretion, to the extent as permitted under applicable laws and regulations.

(3)   The User acknowledges and agrees that the transmission of information, including Personal Data via the Internet is not entirely secure. Although We have done our best to protect User Personal Data, We can not guarantee the security of your data transmitted through and/or in connection with the access and use of website, and the User is responsible for all submissions.

4. Personal Data No Longer Required

We will remove and/or where necessary restore User Personal Data which uses are no longer required in the implementation of website and the Services.

5. Accurate Information

(1)   The User is required to provide Us with accurate, complete, and non-misleading Personal Information and the User shall always update and notify Us of changes to such Personal Data from time to time.

(2)   The User shall release Us from all liability and loss arising from the negligence of the User to ensure that Personal Data has been provided accurately, completely and not misleadingly.

6. Links to Other Platforms

If the User follows one of the links on the website, the User acknowledges and agrees that the platform linked through the link has its own privacy policy and We do not accept any liability for any provision, including any warranty in the privacy policy on that platform.

7. Personal Data Security

(1)   Any Personal Data submitted to us and/or collected by Us or received by us in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy shall be safeguarded in the best possible manner by the proven security device used by Us electronically.

(2)   However, We can not guarantee the confidentiality of the information submitted by the User, in the event that there are other parties who take or use the website in unlawful manner and without Our permission.

(3)   We will do our best to restrict access to User Personal Data by unauthorized parties, except to the following parties:

a.     Subsidiary companies and related companies;

b.    Third Party, whose products or services are displayed in, provide the User with web links or summary for the requested products and/or services requested by the User, and/or conduct callbacks based on the approval of the User. The Third Party acts as the User data and information controller therefore the User must read such Third Party privacy policy or contact the Third Party directly for addditional information.

c.     Related Government Institutions, in order to prevent fraud and money laundering, in the event of fake or incorrect data and/or suspected of fraudulent.

8. Mandatory Personal Data Disclosure

The User acknowledges and agrees that it is our duty to disclose Personal Information and other relevant information belonging to other Users to third parties, where required by applicable laws and regulations in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, including but not limited to the existence of orders and/or verdicts valid from the court.

9. Rejection for Marketing Purposes

(1)   The User has the right to ask Us not to process User Personal Data for marketing purposes.

(2)   We will notify the User and request the consent of the User before We use the User Personal Data for such purpose or if We intend to disclose User Personal Data to any third party for such purpose.

(3)   The User may exercise its right to refuse such processing by marking the associated forms we use to collect data from the User. Even after the User grants its consent for its Personal Data to be used for marketing purposes, the User may, at any time thereafter, withdraw such consent by contacting Us.

10. Severability

(1)  If any terms or conditions in this Privacy Policy are in whole or in part declared to any extent as invalid or unenforceable under the laws or statutory regulations, such terms or conditions or portions thereof to the extent that they are deemed not to be part of the Policy This Privacy and the enforceability of other terms and conditions in the Privacy Policy or the entire Agreement will not be affected.

(2)   Our failure to enforce or exercise any right or provision of this Privacy Policy shall not constitute a waiver of such right or condition or any other circumstances.

11. Entirety of Agreement

(1)   The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between the User and Us and replace any and all prior and contemporary agreements between the User and Us. Any waiver of the Privacy Policy shall only be effective if in writing and signed by Our authorized signatory.

(2)   The User acknowledges that, in the use of the website and the Services, neither the User nor Us does rely on any representation, conduct or promises provided by any other or implied of any words or written between the User and Us prior to the Agreement, expressly stated in the Agreement.

12. Updates and Amendments

The Privacy Policy may be updated or amended at any time without prior notice. The User is advised to always read and check the Privacy Policy carefully from time to time to find out any changes. By continuing to access and use the website and the Services, the User is deemed to have agreed to any changes in the Privacy Policy.

13. Contact Us

(1)   To contact Us, please send an email to

(2)   The User may also read the Content We have prepared to answer around general questions regarding website and the Services provided.