Life Insurance

Life Insurance


Here Is What Life Insurance Excludes

The main purpose of purchasing a life insurance policy is to receive the promised compensation fund. This serves as a step of anticipation should anything unwan...

Understanding Term Life Insurance

How It Works?Term life insurance is a life insurance product designed to provide protection over a life for a certain time period. The term could be 5 years, 10...

Is Your Life Protected?

Nowadays, many people tend to postpone dealing with life insurance. This is because insurance, especially life insurance, has still yet to be a primary need. Pe...

This is Whole-Life Insurance

Whole-life insurance is an insurance which offers lifetime protection for the policy holder. The condition is, the policy must remain active and the premium mus...

4 Types of Life Insurance and Their Characteristics

There are four types of basic life insurance products that you need to understand before purchasing. Each product has different characteristics that meets the s...

This is The Best Life Insurance for New Families

As newlyweds or new parents, it is important for you to have life insurance policy. The kind of life insurance which can offer benefits for you and your small b...