facebook Insurance, Helping Your Life

Insurance, Helping Your Life

Posted At June 17th, 2019

Insurance, Helping Your Life

Life is always full of unexpected surprises. A surprise that can be fun and can also be unpleasant. Insurance can provide protection when unexpected bad surprises occur in our lives.

Never Ready

When unexpected bad things happen, we are sometimes very confident that we can deal with them. But, in fact, we are never ready. Then, we are the ones who are victims and lose many things in the situation.

This is where the function of insurance is needed because it is able to help and assist us to get through these bad situations properly.

Insurance is one of the tools in our crisis management.

In general, there are four most important elements needed in everyday life, namely:

  • Life
  • Health
  • Home
  • Vehicle

The four are inseparable parts of our lives and not a small amount of funds is spent on keeping them. However, how is the guarantee of safety or when a bad situation occurs, are we able to maintain it?

Insurance is the most appropriate answer.

Let's look at how insurance helps overcome our difficulties.

Life Insurance

Specifically, life insurance helps to overcome the financial risks that arise from someone's death. Life insurance provides great benefits for the survival of the insured or his heirs.

Life insurance promises payment of insurance money to the insured's heir when the insured dies or returns the premium/cash value to the insured at the time the policy falls due.

If we have a family that depends on us financially, the priority of life insurance is very important. The sum insured can be a savior for them when we die.

The thing we need to consider in buying life insurance is the amount of a reasonable premium for the sum insured that will be able to fulfill all of our family's life needs. Make sure your family will not bear the heavy financial burden.

Health Insurance

The number of fees for medical treatment at the hospital can make additional surprises besides surprises from the diagnosis of the disease. At present, the amount of health costs even makes us think, "don't get sick"!

Many families have to drain their savings for years just to pay one time for medical care for one of their family members. In fact, even then it is sometimes not enough.

Health insurance certainly will not allow all that to happen.

Health insurance that will pay our expenses for medical purposes. Insurance can also cover medical costs for very unfavorable health risks, such as critical illness or personal accident.

Health insurance will be a helper that helps us in times of crisis. So, be prepared to start looking for the best health insurance for us and the family.

Vehicle Insurance

Our vehicle (car or motorcycle) is an inexpensive asset, both for purchase and maintenance. But, in fact, the highway is not a safe place for our vehicles and also various criminal actions will always target our vehicles.

This shows that our vehicle is completely surrounded by the risk of loss.

This is where the role of vehicle insurance is needed, namely as a "shield" that protects our vehicle optimally. Insurance that will provide financing guarantee for repairs due to accident or replacement if our vehicle is lost.

Make sure that our vehicle insurance guarantees optimal protection and can also provide protection for our soul or our health.

Property (Home) Insurance

Property insurance protects our home from theft and all forms of damage resulting from fire, natural disasters, or other risks.

In frequency, the risk of loss that can befall our house is very rare indeed. However, if the risk occurs then the damage and losses incurred will be able to "ravage" the residence and our financial condition.

Property insurance helps to bear responsibility for the repair costs of our residence.

Note, when we buy property insurance, make sure that the insurance has a complete guarantee benefit, including various additional benefit features.

Choose property insurance that provides optimal protection for the structure of the building along with various property content in it as well as protection of our souls and their families as residents.


The four insurance policies above fall into the "must-have" category. This is not a luxury but a primary need for our daily lives to always maintain our financial security.

So, you don't have to wait until you become an insurance expert to understand the type of insurance needed for the convenience of your life.


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