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Having a Car Accident, What's Next?

Posted At November 18th, 2019

Having a Car Accident, What's Next?

You will not be able to run away from the possibility of having an accident while driving on the road. You might have very good car driving skills but bad luck might occur. So, here's a shortlist of what you should do and what you shouldn't do when you have a car accident.

Please read this and always remember carefully because maybe someday you will need it.

Do This!

Shortly after you have an accident is a very crucial moment. So, pay attention to the following important things so you know the exact steps you need to take.

Make sure everyone is okay

The first thing you have to do is check yourself and the other passengers. Whether injured or not. If someone is injured, seek medical help or an ambulance immediately to be taken to the nearest hospital.

Pullover immediately to a safe place

If the accident is not severe enough then move your vehicle immediately to pull over to a safer place so that it does not obstruct traffic flow. Do not hesitate to ask for help from others for this.

Remember, if you have an injury or severe shock then you should stay in the car or where you think is safe until help arrives.

Stay calm and keep your emotions

If the accident involves another vehicle then you must remain polite and do not engage in any debate even if you are in an emotional state. Continue to treat other drivers or witnesses with courtesy and respect.

Report the police immediately

Contact the police officer or go to the local police station to report the accident you experienced. Record and save the evidence of your report for certain purposes, such as reporting to insurance.

Report to insurance

If you have car insurance, immediately report the accident to your insurance. It's better to always save your contact numbers and car insurance policies on cell phones or small notebooks. So, it's easy to access it immediately when you need it.

Secure valuables and gather evidence

The next important step is to secure your valuables and gather some evidence that might be needed later, such as photographs, remnants of damaged parts of the car, witness statements, and so on.

Don't Do This!

Shortly after an accident, you may be shocked, emotional, confused, or in pain from an injury, so your actions may be out of your control or control. So, you should not do the following until you are calm and safe.

  • Do not give any statement immediately after the accident, even to the police. Ask for a moment to calm down.
  • Don't sign anything, unless you fully understand what you need to sign.
  • Don't accept mistakes if you think it's not your fault.
  • Don't be uncooperative.
  • Don't be angry and be rude.
  • Don't use bad language.
  • Don't be aggressive and overly emotional.

Positive Reaction

That's right, accidents are inevitable and any of us can be victims. However, positive reactions and the way we handle these accidents properly can minimize their impact.

Drive carefully to stay safe.

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