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Fire Insurance for Home and Property

Posted At August 5th, 2019

Fire Insurance for Home and Property

One of the guarantees of protection for property, especially residential (home or apartment) and place of business is fire insurance.

Fire Insurance

Fire insurance provides guaranteed protection for property assets from unforeseen risks that can cause financial losses.

The name of fire insurance is sufficient to explain that this service provides protection of property assets from the risk of fire.

Guaranteed Risk

Based on the Indonesian Fire Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKI), the risks guaranteed in fire insurance are only as follows.


The protection provided is only the risk of fire caused by:

  • The spread of fire or heat that occurs on its own or because of the nature of the item.
  • Short-circuiting.
  • Fire other objects in the vicinity with the provisions of the fire other objects are not of the risk excluded by the policy.


Damage is directly caused by lightning strikes and cause fires on electronic objects.

For example, a television that caught fire due to lightning strikes on its external antenna.


The explosion in question is any sudden release of energy caused by the expansion of gas or steam coming from assets insured by a policy or other series of policies with the initial policy.

An example is a steam boiler explosion.

Impact of Falling Aircraft

This guarantee covers damage due to physical collisions between aircraft, including helicopters and insured property assets.

Including the fall of a part of the aircraft, such as wheels.


Smoke originating from fire on property assets insured in the policy.

All types of risk are better known as FLEXAS.

In the end, understanding all types of risks that threaten property assets will certainly make us aware of the occurrence of all types of risk so that we are able to choose the right type of protection.

Add Risk = Add Protection

However, sometimes the need for protection of property assets is felt to be lacking if only relying on fire insurance alone.

This is because not only the risks of fire are threatening but many other risks, such as natural disasters, evil deeds, or security disturbances.

All of these risks clearly threaten all property assets owned and can even be life-threatening or can even disrupt business continuity.

Therefore, the maximum protection of property assets can be done by adding various extensions of the protection of fire insurance or property insurance (property all risks).


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