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Frequently Asked Questions

Bandingin.com is an insurance comparison portal for health insurance, Vehicle insurance, personal accident insurance, property assurance, life insurance, travel insurance, micro insurance and Takaful Insurance. At Bandingin.com, you will be given the ease of doing a comparison of premiums and insurance benefits you need, helping you make a policy proposal to the insurance that you want to suit your needs.
Bandingin.com plays an agency service provider for those who need Insurance but do not want to bother in the submission process. Bandingin.com is a solution for you who appreciate the time and want the insurance process via the online insurance but still can have a book of policy (physical) such as insurance filing conventionally.
Bandingin.com is not an insurance company, so Bandingin.com can not issue your policy but your policy will be issued by the insurance company you choose based on the submission via Bandingin .com. Bandingin.com helps you in the submission process, follow up the progress of the submission, and more. The published policy must have Letterhead and Blanko from the insurance company you choose, so there is no modification from Bandingin.com to manipulate your policy. And you can also check the policy number directly to the insurance before making a premium payment.
The difference you can feel is in terms of premium offer and also service that we make sure is good quality for you, without any additional cost. Bandingin.com provides you with ease in having insurance steps in a very fun way, so any complaints you feel you can share with Bandingin.com and get special attention to follow-up to the associated insurance company.
Filing insurance policies through Bandingin.com can be processed by fulfilling the main steps that require you to choose an existing insurance company or offered at Bandingin.com either through the website Or through the Insurance Specialist, then you will be asked to enter / provide personal data and also the completeness of documents that have been informed by Insurance Specialist / Administration / Information other via Website / E-mail (if any) to meet the document requirements required by each Insurance company.
Any submissions approved by Insurance Insurers will be issued Cover Note / Soft Copy Policy containing your information and Warranties You are on the Insurance Person's side, and you have the Right & Obligation to cross-check your policy number to the insurer's call center to prove the validity of the policy.
Bandingin.com provides a rebate from the proceeds of cooperation with the insurer, commonly referred to as a wage service fee providing intermediary services for you with an insurance company, the commission Not charged to you but to an insurance company, as regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). In other words Bandingin.com gives you not only services but also sharing Bandingin.com's work with you.
Bandingin.com can receive premium payment through Inter-Bank Transfer and also through Credit Card, this payment method can be accessed through with merchants that have been Listed on Bandingin.com website.
Any activities related to You as a Subscriber of Bandingin.com will always be informed by E-mail, including notification of policy delivery containing time information, Shipping service (including shipping receipt number), and also the destination address of the policy book submission that was previously adjusted to your request.
Related to changes / additions to data such as adding or reducing the policyholder's name (if more than one policyholder) On the STNK (reverse name system), changes / corrections of the Police Number, etc. You can immediately inform the Bandingin.com Insurance Specialist in order to assist you in updating the data so that you will receive the Endorsement Policy or Addendum Policy Proof of updating of such data.
The premium refund can be conditioned if during the period of your vehicle insurance coverage there is no claim action on anything, then refund the premium Will be deducted by existing costs such as current period costs, tax deductions, administrative fees, and canceled fees on the amount of the initial and / or remaining premiums. As for some insurance companies that do not justify the process of premium refund after your insurance policy is active. Any refusals will be attached as well as Rejection Letters from Insurance Direct Insurers, which are beyond the responsibility of Bandingin.com as an intermediary service.
Each period, Bandingin.com will remind you within a period of at least 14 business days before your policy matures to extend the policy to the same insurance company . After obtaining your consent to extend the policy, Bandingin.com will provide a new offer containing the latest information related to your existing policy, then you are required to make a number of premium payments that have been informed regarding the need for renewal of your policy, after the premium payment process is done, Your policy electronics will be immediately sent to your address or e-mail.
Apply Online is easy for you to apply for insurance policy by sending photographs of vehicle along with required documents via E-mail or Whatsapp Messanger, The survey process is usually done by the insurance.You.
Each photograph of the object of insurance and other administrative documents, each having a time that is considered valid by the insurer that does not exceed 1 (one) calendar day before the submission done.All losses contained in the object of coverage before the activation period of the guarantee, it will Is recorded as a pre-existing condition which can not be processed in future claims, unless there is a new loss above the loss which causes the existing loss previously closed with new loss For pre-existing condition on health insurance, has a waiting period for the type Certain types of diseases, whereas for critical illnesses or diseases that have undergone surgery, it is likely to be recorded as an exception and can not be pledged by an insurance company.
Your policy can be rejected by the insurer based on several factors including the original clauses on the subject of your insurance that are at high risk for the claim process, Standards set by the Government in OJK, proving the element of data manipulation you submitted to the insurance company, your claim ratio in the policy period before, all elements that are contrary to applicable law, and others. Any refusal from the insurance company is not the responsibility of Bandingin.com, but Bandingin.com will still help you as an intermediary in order to find a win-win solution.
Since all the required documents have been completed and fall on weekdays not on weekends or public holidays.
There are no additional charges that Bandingin.com charges you, in respect of the brokerage services Bandingin.com provides to you. All fees have been provided by the insurance company as a token of service to Bandingin.com who has become an insurance agent.


Bandingin.com provides a free monitoring of your claims service. For vehicle insurance claims, the steps you should take are to report the loss incident that you suffered to the Bandingin Claims Division on working days within a period of no more than 5x24 hours since the incident occurred. Then you will be assisted by the Claim Officer Bandingin.com to clarify your incident, you will also be required to attach a number of photo loss evidence to our Claims Division, which is then forwarded to the insurer. After that within 2x24 hours of work, you will be contacted by the Surveyor Team of the Insurance Company to create a survey schedule. After the survey, you will be given instructions to make a claim. Bandingin.com will continue to assist you in terms of monitoring your claims, to ensure your estimated time of claim work can be completed on time and deliver satisfactory results. For non vehicle claims, you will still be assisted by the Bandingin.com Claim Division with a series of instructions that you can easily follow. Bandingin.com also keeps you in the process of monitoring and follow up to make sure your claims are well processed and deliver satisfactory results. In this case you are given the ease to follow up your claim information because Bandingin.com specifically dedicates a Claim Division to serve you.
For Car Insurance / Motorcycle with All Risk Guarantee: You are required to provide a maximum of 5x24hrs of reporting since the incident occurred, and then you are required to also attach a photo of the damaged vehicle (panel). You are also required to provide chronology of events both verbally (via phone) and non-verbal (via e-mail). In the event of a WBC coverage, you are required to attach the third party's phone number along with a proof of panel damage. For Car / Motor Insurance with TLO Guarantee; You are required to provide a maximum of 5x24hrs of reporting since the incident occurred, with evidence of loss to your local police force losing or theft of the vehicle, driver's license at the time of the incident and your policy. Furthermore Bandingin.com will report the matter to the insurer, which then the insurer will conduct a search for the vehicle for a maximum of 90 calendar days since the report is recorded by the police, if after passing the search period the vehicle is not also found, then you will get a good replacement amount of money appropriate With the price of your vehicle at the time of the incident (maximum as per Insurance Price Limit), or a unit that has the same specifications as your previous vehicle. For Property Insurance: You are required to provide a maximum of 5x24 hours of reporting since the incident occurred, with evidence of your loss points in the form of photos, receipts for the purchase of your property or property to determine the value of your loss, and letters from local RT / RW and Police. Furthermore Bandingin.com will report your claim to the insurer, which then you will be contacted by the insurer to conduct a survey. As for some special cases requiring more detailed claim document requirements will be explained by the Claims Division of Bandingin.com after you have made the reporting. For Travel Insurance: You are required to provide a maximum of 5x24 hours of reporting since the incident occurred. Then you are required to fill out a claim form accompanied by supporting documents such as receipts, police reports, tickets and boarding pass. It is important to note that Ticket and Boardingpass must not be lost in order to make this claim process. For Health Insurance: You are required to complete a claim form to be signed by the Hospital, with an attachment of Preliminary Diagnosis, Final Diagnosis, Original Receipt from Hospital, Details of Measures or Medicines you received / consumed during treatment. Bandingin.com will assist you in providing information on compliance with all your claim requirements. Within a period of 14 working days from the complete document received by the insurer, you will receive a response from the claim process you submitted. Any refusal by the insurer shall always be issued a Letter of Disclaimer, and Bandingin.com has no liability whatsoever on such decision as an intermediary service.
Own Risk Cost that you have to pay, you will immediately pay to the workshop and hospital where you make a claim.
For Vehicle Insurance: After all documents and reports are fully accepted by the insurer, a maximum of 2x24 hours of work, the insurer will contact you to set up the survey schedule, and the SPK will be published after the survey process conducted within a maximum of 3x24 hours of work, and the estimated workmanship of your claims are listed in the SPK The. For Property Insurance: After all documents and reports are received completely by the insurer, you will receive a replacement amount (if the claim is approved) within a maximum period of 21 working days. For Travel Insurance: After all documents and reports are received completely by the insurer, you will receive a replacement amount (if the claim is approved) within a maximum period of 21 working days. For Health Insurance: After all documents and reports are received completely by the insurer, for Inpatient Assurance takes 14 business days to process your claim process, while for Outpatient Guarantee takes 7 working days for data processing from your claim process. In some cases claims may take longer with a maximum estimate of 45 working days since the complete document is received. This process does not ensure your claim process is accepted, this process only determines the final outcome of your claim process.
As long as the workshop you want is included in the list of authorized workshops partners of the insurer. As for some workshops you want may or may not be listed in the list bengel official partner of the insurer, you can still make submissions in advance to be negotiated by the insurance to the workshop. It is important to note that you already have ATPM workshop facilities on your previous policy.
Reimbursement systems can be processed by attaching SPK evidence from the workshop, photos of damage panels, chronology reports, letters from the police (if required), and others. After all the complete documents are received, the claim settlement will be made up to 30 working days.
Bandingin.com assists you in the monitoring and follow-up process of pre-made claims, ensuring you have the convenience of claiming process without having to bother to periodically follow up to the Insurance party, as Bandingin.com will provide you with the latest information related Claims process that you do.
The value of the change refers to the value of the loss at the time of the event, with the maximum limit of replacement of the Insured Price contained in your policy. The insurer will compensate for your TLO loss in the form of a sum of money or the replacement of units that have similarity specifications to the underwritten tandem, by seeing which process is more easily achieved and based on mutual consent. The Insured Price will only be the highest limit of the substitution of the insurer, with the primary reference based on the market price of your vehicle unit at the time of the incident.

Frequently Asked Questions In Car Insurance

Total Lost Only or commonly referred to as TLO, is a guarantee on the insurance of two-wheeled vehicles or more, for any losses you incur during the insurance period with a loss of at least 75% of the value of your vehicle, including total damage, to vehicle loss due to theft .
Comprehensive or commonly referred to as All Risk, is a guarantee on motorcycle insurance of two or more motor vehicles, for any losses you incur during the insurance period from minor damage to total damage, including vehicle loss due to theft.
The designation for the vehicle from the frame, engine and body, all in accordance with the factory issue without any modification.
Total Sum Insured (TSI) or commonly known as the Coverage Price, is your current two-wheeled vehicle price, based on market price, and one of the big determinations of your annual premium value later.
Your vehicle number code number affects the percentage of premiums based on the rules of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) divided by region divided into 3 regions: Region 1 for Sumatra and its islands, Region 2 for DKI Jakarta, Banten and West Java, and Region 3 for other than Region 1 & 2.
Premium Loading is an additional maintenance fee for vehicles older than 5 years (after passing the emissions test) and only applies to Comprehensive / All Risk guarantees.
Own Risk (OR) is a personal or so-called insurance expense with its own risk for losses incurred on the insured vehicle. (Formerly this OR was calculated per point, but since 2014, it has been determined by OJK by calculating the OR based on the incident which is Rp 300,000 for comprehensive and min Rp 500,000 for TLO).

Frequently Asked Questions On Expansion of Car Insurance

Also referred to as Personal Accident (PA) Drivers and Passangger which is a guarantee of compensation provided by the insured, if the insured suffered permanent disability or death due to accident according to the subject of insurance owned.
Also called SRCC (Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion) guarantee which means guarantee of loss resulting from strike, riot and riot. This warranty is granted for losses incurred by a group of persons (at least 12 persons) to cause an atmosphere of order disturbance, to the situation in a city where large numbers of masses together or in small groups create an atmosphere of disturbance of public order and security vulnerable At least 24 hours continuously during the general fear and result in more than half of the normal activities in the center of the city.
Also called TS (Terrorism & Sabotage) guarantee which means that the guarantee of loss resulted from the action by a group of people (minimum 12 people) in order to create an atmosphere of order gangs, to the situation in one city where a large number of masses jointly or in groups Small cause an atmosphere of disorderliness of public order and security with a vulnerable time of at least 24 hours continuously during the occurrence of general fear and cause cessation of more than half of normal activities in the city center.
Your vehicle number code number affects the percentage of premiums based on the rules of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) divided by region divided into 3 regions: Region 1 for Sumatra and its islands, Region 2 for DKI Jakarta, Banten and West Java, and Region 3 for other than Region 1 & 2.
This Warranty on Earthquake, Volcano Eruption, Tsunami (EQVET) is an extension that guarantees for any damage caused from within the earth. (Not due to negligence of the insured)
This authorized workshop or sole agent (ATPM) is an additional facility of the insurer, for the insured who wants the authorized service shop in accordance with the vehicle brand.
ERA or Emergency Roadside Assistance is a service provided to serve the insured who experienced a mild ganggunan on his vehicle and does not require significant maintenance in the workshop, such as keys left in the car, die batteries, etc.
This service facilitates the insured in making the claim process, where the insured vehicle will be picked up by the insurer to be taken to the workshop and will be escorted back to where the insured at the time the claim has been completed.

Frequently Asked Questions In Health Insurance

Pre Existing Condition (PEC) is applied to all existing diseases before you are pledged to the insurer. Diseases presumed to exist before this assurance include congenital disease, chronic illness (crytical illness), diseases once treated by medicine. So with the PEC, the insured will be subject to the Waiting Period (insurance guarantee underwriting period by the insurer) at least 12 months in a row of active policy period. The diseases are considered exclusion (excluded) and can not be guaranteed by the insurer.
The guarantee offered by the insurer is the Reimbursement system (Tebusan) or Cashless (Using Membership Card). Of course, Reimbursement guarantee is more affordable than Cashless guarantee
Excess is the cost of self-insurance that is charged to the insured, due to the excess of hospital care costs that are beyond the insured coverage of the insured.
Inpatient Guarantee is a coverage facility offered by the insurance company to pledge you as the insured for the expense of the treatment you received during the hospitalization of the hospital. Warranty provided by the insurer has a per-day coverage limit / incidence in accordance with the product you choose at the beginning of policy submission.
Outpatient Guarantee is a coverage facility offered by an insurance company to pledge you as an insured for the expense of the medical expenses you receive during outpatient care at the hospital. Warranty provided by the insurer has a per-day coverage limit / incidence in accordance with the product you choose at the beginning of policy submission. In some insurance companies, this guarantee only applies to accidental care.

Frequently Asked Questions in Travel Insurance

This travel insurance coverage is borne by the insurer based on the premium determined from the destination guaranteed by the insured. Travel Insurance guarantees all losses during trips starting from disruption at departure, canceled due to illness, delay in transit, baggage damage, loss of documents and personal belongings, misconnections flight, legal liability abroad, health problems (non pre-existing ), Medical expenses abroad and in Indonesia, other accommodation costs, accidents, until death.
Guaranteed travel insurance is distinguished by region or territory that you want to visit as for the whole territory of Indonesia means the guarantee you choose is Domestic, for the Asian Continent area the underwriting you choose is Continental Asia, for underwriting of Schengen Visa means the underwriting you choose is Continental Europe Or Worldwide, as well as for other continents such as Africa and others. (For some countries, have special requirements related to travel insurance coverage)
Cancellation of travel insurance policies that have been successfully issued may not be canceled refund, unless accompanied by a letter of rejection from the Embassy at the time of filing a visa. And the cancel refund process will be subject to prevailing penalties such as cancelation fees, adm fees, taxes fees, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions In Motor Insurance

Guaranteed in motor insurance is the guarantee of Total Lost Only (TLO), which guarantees damage to the vehicle by accident of a minimum of 75% of your vehicle, to total loss due to accident and loss due to theft.
The extension of collateral in motor insurance is only available in packages containing variations of Legal Responsibility to Third Parties, Driver and Passenger Accident, Collateral for Flood, Earthquake, Riot and Riot.
The premiums charged for payments to you apply for a 12-month active policy period or 1 year. Can be extended according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions In Property Insurance

In property insurance offered 2 package of assurance that is Property All Risk (PAR) and Earth Quake, Volcano Eruption, Tsunami (EQVET). Under the PAR's own pledge of insurance, it consists of the main fire guarantees (FLEXAS), and is accompanied by an extended warranty of your choice such as the Flood Guard (TSFWD), Riot and Riot (RSMD / + CC), and other supportive guarantees in the expansion Other (Others). Whereas in EQVET policy, you are pledged for Earthquake risk, and other natural disasters originating from within the earth.
FLEXAS stands for Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft Damage and Smoke. This warranty is a primary guarantee in the PAR Policy, to guarantee loss on your property from Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft Fall and Smoke.
TSFWD stands for Typhoon, Storm, Flood and Water Damage. Which means providing underwriting for your property losses due to Hurricane, Storm, Flood and Other Water Damage.
RSMD is short for Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage, while CC means Civil Commotion. The difference between RSMD and RSMD + CC guarantees is dependent on the insurance company that guarantees the Civil Commitant or not.
Others are other guarantees in support of the extension of RSMD / + CC guarantees with various guarantees that insurers can offer (depending on package provided) such as occupant self accidents, vehiclew impact, and so on.
EQVET stands for Earth Quake, Volcano Eruption and Tsunami. Which is a separate policy of the PAR policy, for special guarantees due to losses caused by natural disasters originating from within the earth.
Requirements that must be fulfilled so that your property can be guaranteed insurance company as the insurer is; Property / around your property must not have a history of loss in the last 5 (five) years, access to your property should be able to be carried out by Fire Department, your property is not near river / time and sutet, the type and usefulness of your property should be appropriate With the underwriting you will take, the property is not close to the traditional market. The other requirements element that is not mentioned above may be submitted by the insurance company, depending on the submission and package you choose.