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Fact Check : Is BPJS The Biggest Insurance In The World ?

Posted At April 5th, 2019

Do you still remember Mr. KH. Ma'ruf Amin's statement during the third 2019 Presidential Election debate on Sunday March 17 2019, at the Sultan Hotel Jakarta?

He stated that BPJS Kesehatan was the biggest insurance in the world.

"Through JKN-Kis, we are making (very) big social insurance efforts, even reaching (the number of) 215 million BPJS insurance participants. This is the biggest insurance to the world," he said.

"Where 96.8 million participants are recipients of contribution assistance (PBI)", continued Ma'ruf Amin.

But is His claims in accordance with the facts?

The Largest Insurance Company in the World

BPJS Health is known to have a very large number of users.

According to data in March 2019, the official BPJS Health website released the number of participants currently reaching 218 million people or has exceeded 82.5% of the total population of Indonesia.

This figure far exceeded the number of US public health insurance participation in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) program, known as ObamaCare. It was noted that at the beginning of its launch, Obamacare managed to attract 25 million participants and decreased in 2018 which only amounted to 12.3 million people, until finally the program was shutdown by President Trump.

But the BPJS Health statistics have potentially to be overtaken by the Indian government, which in the near future They will launch a health insurance program for the country's poor people. It is targeted that the participation of India's health insurance program will reach 500 million participants.

Net Insurance Premiums

If you see the amount of insurance premiums posted by insurance companies around the world, the BPJS is exactly out of the list.

The following are the top 10 insurance companies that get the largest number of insurance premiums in the world:

1. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated

Country of domicile : United States

Net premiums written : $ 158.5 billion

2. AXA S.A.

Country of domicile: France

Net premiums written : $ 104.5 billion

3. China Life Insurance (Group) Company

Country of domicile: China

Net premiums written : $ 97.6 billion

4. Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd.

Country of domicile: China

Net premiums written : $ 90.3 billion

5. Allianz SE

Country of domicile: Germany

Net premiums written : $ 86.8 billion

6. Anthem, Inc.

Country of domicile: United States

Net premiums written : $ 84.2 billion

7. Kaiser Foundation Group of Health Plans

Country of domicile: United States

Net premiums written : $ 83.6 billion

8. Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.

Country of domicile: Italy

Net premiums written : $ 77.5 billion

9. State Farm Group

Country of domicile: United States

Net premiums written : $ 69.9 billion

10. People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China Ltd.

Country of domicile: China

Net premiums written : $ 68.9 billion

Market Capitalization Value

An insurance company can also be said to be the largest in the world based on other valuation parameters such as market capitalization value.

This is a summary of the insurance company data if it is judged by its market capitalization.

So it can be said BPJS Health is indeed the largest insurance company in the world based on the number of participants. But when viewed from other parameters, BPJS Health cannot be said to be the largest insurance company in the world.

There are so many parameters that can put a company as the biggest and the best.

But despite all that, the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in ensuring the health of its citizens should be appreciated. Behind all Its limitations, BPJS seeks to provide protection for the health of the community as a whole.

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