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Do Not Choose the Wrong Motorcycle Insurance

Posted At March 19th, 2019

Your motorcycle insurance is as important as your other valuable assets. Special attention is also required in choosing the best motorcycle insurance. The fact is, many people make mistakes in purchasing insurance for their beloved motorcycle due to lack of knowledge.

Here are some common mistakes in choosing a motorcycle insurance.

TLO is Enough

Most insurance companies do not offer comprehensive motorcycle insurance. The comprehensive motorcycle insurance is usually offered only for sport bikes or motorcycles with large engine capacity.

This gives most people the assumption that a regular motorcycle only needs protection for Total Loss Only. This assumption is absolutely wrong.

You have the right to ask for comprehensive motorcycle insurance protection to the insurance company, regardless of your motorcycle type.

Additional Benefits

One commonly occurring irony is; you would protect your motorcycle very well but you forget to protect yourself as the driver.

Therefore, add to your motorcycle insurance the personal accident protection coverage for yourself and the passenger. You can also ask for other additional benefits if necessary such as coverages for third party legal liability, flood and natural disasters.

You can get all those additional benefits with a little increase in the premium.

Choosing a Low Premium

It is true that low premium seems appealing, but it is also identic with a standard product. The coverage will surely be very limited, for example a TLO protection coverage, without any additional benefit and no claim bonus, and so on.

It is better not to waste your money on a low premium which provides inadequate motorcycle insurance protection.

Is There a No Claim Bonus?

Do not hesitate to ask about the no claim bonus benefit to your motorcycle insurance company.

A good insurance usually offers this benefit as a form of appreciation to the insured for not filing any claim during the whole year. No claim bonus is usually given in a form of discount given to the insured for the next payable premium.

Therefore, keep in mind to ask for a discount each time your renew your motorcycle insurance policy.

Read the Policy

This is the most common mistake people do; overlooking the motorcycle insurance policy after they receive it. Make sure you read and understand the content of your motorcycle insurance policy the moment you receive it, especially the extent of coverage and exclusion parts.

Do not hesitate to ask for an explanation from your insurance company regarding any part within the policy that you do not understand.

Claim Services

Choose an insurance company with a good reputation in its quality of products and services, especially the claim service. You can take some time to do some research in order to determine the best insurance company for you.

It is highly recommended to choose an insurance policy which offers ease and speed in claim service and settlement.


Avoid all those mistakes stated above, and you are already on the right track to obtain a motorcycle insurance protection which can optimally protect your motorcycle as well as yourself.

Do not choose wrong!!


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