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Choosing The Best Travel Insurance

Posted At December 14th, 2018

While traveling out of the city or out of the country, you tend to neglect travel insurance. Only when you face unexpected situations like baggage loss, flight cancellation, or even medical emergency, then you would wish you have a travel insurance which can help you deal with all those situations.

Unfortunately, that wish is pretty much useless.

Choosing the Best Travel Insurance

The followings are ways to choose the best travel insurance to prepare for your safe and pleasant trip.

Do Some Search and Research

Do not ever purchase a travel insurance at the last minute before you go because you will not have enough time to learn about it and make proper considerations.

Spare some time before you leave to search and research about travel insurances with an extent of coverage and benefits that suit your need.

Take advantage of online offers through internet websites such as Bandingin.com. At Bandingin.com, you can search, research and compare the best travel insurance products from different insurance companies, and then make your purchase.

Adjust It to Your Needs

There are many travel insurance offers, both for domestic and international trips. So to choose the best travel insurance, make sure you pay attention to your traveling needs such as:

  • Travel destination
  • Travel frequency
  • Travel duration
  • Number of traveling individuals

For example, if you travel frequently then the annual travel insurance is better suited for you because the premium becomes more economical.

Consider the Benefits and the Price

When purchasing a travel insurance, your primary focus should be on the benefits and coverages of the insurance.

You can choose a travel insurance with a cheap premium, but the extent of coverage and benefits might not be sufficient. Next option, you can pay a slightly higher premium and get a suitable extent of coverage and benefits.

Remember the saying “price does not lie”. Choose a travel insurance that offers the following coverage and benefits.

  • Protection coverage for the risks of death, medical and personal accident
  • Protection coverage for the risks of loss and damage of traveling documents and luggage
  • Compensation for late, delayed and even cancelled flight
  • Protection coverage for your other valuable assets

Actually, aside from the extent of coverage and benefits, there are other factors that determine the premium rate such as type of policy (one trip or yearly), travel duration, number of individuals, and destination. However, the extent of coverage and benefits remain as the primary consideration.

Pay Attention to the Exclusions in the Policy

On every travel insurance policy, there will be exclusions such as when traveling to dangerous zones or countries. Therefore, you need to study all those exclusions carefully and take it into consideration before purchasing.

Do not hesitate to ask for detailed explanation from your insurance company.

Learn About the Procedures for Claim

Understanding the procedures to file a claim is equally important so that when an emergency situation occur, you will be knowledgeable and ready to handle it.

Here are some things you need to know in a claim submission process.

  • How to submit a claim; by phone, email, written notification, etc. Make sure you have the insurance company’s contact detail
  • The time period to report or file a claim. Pay attention to the maximum time period given to file your claim.
  • The documents required to file a claim such as insurance policy, travel documents, proof of purchase, hospital bills and receipts, etc.
  • Other documentations required to support the claim such as pictures, boarding pass, accident or death certificate, etc.

Is There Any Additional Benefit?

There is nothing wrong to ask if there is any additional benefit aside from the ones listed in the insurance policy such as compensation or partial refund of the premium if you end up shortening your travel duration, premium discount benefit if paying by credit card, etc.

Stress Free

Make sure you go through all the steps properly, and the best travel insurance coverage will be secured in your hand.

Enjoy your safe, pleasant and stress-free trip.


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