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Choose a Health Insurance with Comprehensive Coverage

Posted At October 12th, 2018

If one day you experience any health problem due to a sickness or accident which requires inpatient treatment, surely you can use your personal health insurance.

You no longer need to worry because your health insurance program is the type that covers inpatient treatment coverage, hence it will no doubt cover the expenses of inpatient treatment.

2 in 1 Coverage

However, what if you need an outpatient treatment for mild medication or therapy for further recovery process? Will your health insurance also cover outpatient treatments?

Ideally, your health insurance should not only cover inpatient treatment or treatments with large expenses such as surgeries or childbirths.

Health insurance should also cover outpatient treatments and other additional benefits such as check ups by a general practitioner, dental care, and eyeglasses services with less expensive expenses, or outpatient treatment expenses due to an accident should you need one.

The Importance of a Comprehensive Coverage

Generally, the personal health insurance coverage offered nowadays differs from the one provided by the government (Health BPJS) or the corporate health insurance provided by agencies or companies for their employees.

Most personal health insurances only offer inpatient-related coverages.

The insurance coverage only includes all kinds of treatments while staying at the hospital. This includes the bills for inpatient room, medicines, doctor visitations, and surgeries. All these are covered with predetermined conditions within the policy.

If you want to add other benefits such as outpatient treatments, dental care, eyeglasses services and so on, you will be charged extra fees.

This is one of the reasons why some people consider coverages for outpatient treatment or other health benefits not important enough to have.

However, both outpatient and inpatient treatments are equally important.

Therefore, with the increasing demand for this, many insurance companies have started offering health insurance products with more comprehensive coverage within a single product, with the appropriate premium values.

The premium is likely to be higher, in accordance with the extent and variety of health benefits offered. This way, you should own a comprehensive health insurance without any hesitation.

It is Better to Anticipate

If you currently already own or used to a regular personal health insurance product, it does not hurt to start considering and changing to a personal health insurance product with comprehensive coverage.

You never know when sickness might strike you or the people closest to you.

Therefore, it is better for you to have a comprehensive health insurance, both for inpatient and outpatient treatments, that is reliable when you or your family needs it.

Anticipation gives you a peace of mind.

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