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Cashless on Health Insurance, How it Works and Benefits

Posted At November 21st, 2019

Cashless on Health Insurance, How it Works and Benefits

With the increase in medical expenses, buying health insurance has become a necessity. Currently, most insurance companies also have a cashless claim service that will prevent you from the hassle of paying cash at the hospital.

This is good news for your convenience in making health insurance claims at the hospital.

How Does Cashless Service Work?

Cashless services basically eliminate cash payments at the hospital at the time of the claim.

So, for health insurance claims without cash, the insurance provider has entered into direct cooperation and negotiations with the hospital to enter their healthcare provider network and provide cashless service facilities for the insured.

Furthermore, the insurance company will pay for the costs incurred by the insured to the hospital directly.

Why is it Important to have Health Insurance with Cashless Services?

Cashless claims services are needed, especially during emergencies, when you might be short of cash or don't have direct access to cash to pay for medical care or simply deposit funds in the hospital.

This service is designed to eliminate all forms of payment by cash.

You only need to ensure that the hospital you choose is included in the network of hospitals that your insurance provider works with. You will easily find a list of these hospital networks in the health insurance policy.

What Is The Process?

If you feel you need inpatient or outpatient care, you should choose a hospital from a network of hospitals that have collaborated with your insurance company. You only need to bring an insurance card which will be requested by the hospital as an initial verification to get the benefits of cashless service facilities.

After you show the insurance card, you must fill out a pre-authorization form. This form will also be filled out by the hospital or the attending doctor to ensure that the facts submitted are true.

This form will be examined by the administrator to determine its authenticity and eligibility. After approval, the hospital will receive a treatment agreement.

In the case of medical emergencies, the process can be accelerated. Usually, administrators must approve maintenance services with this cashless method in a shorter time.

However, if you really need immediate medical care, you can make a payment or deposit funds first and then get a replacement later from the insurance company (reimbursement).

Things to Remember

There are several terms and conditions in a health insurance policy with a claim service without cash.

  • Cashless can only be used in a network of hospitals that have collaborated with your insurer.
  • Insurance claims with a service without cash can also be rejected. So, make sure that the information submitted in the pre-authorization form is complete to prevent rejection by the administrator.
  • There are some costs for emergency medical care that are not covered, such as ambulance fees, oxygen masks and other medical equipment, documentation fees and service fees that are not included in the insurance policy.
  • If the medical costs exceed the insurance coverage then you have to pay the difference between the remaining costs from your own pocket.
  • Keep a copy of all hospital documents and bills for future reference.

So, make sure you study carefully before buying a health insurance policy to ensure that you know and understand the terms and conditions of the specified cashless service.

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