06 Dec
  Property Insurance

Earthquake Insurance to Protect Your House

After an earthquake hits, we can witness how many homes and other buildings suffer heavy damage or even completely crushed to the ground. Imagine how an earthqu...
27 Nov
  Car Insurance

Tips to Choose Best Insurance for Used Cars

When you plan to buy a used car, do not worry because you are not alone. There are many people like you who wish to buy used cars as well. Purchasing a used car...
19 Nov
  General Insurance Topics

The 5 Types of Insurance You Must Have

What are the most important and valuable things in our lives? If we name them one by one, we will surely compile a considerably long list.It would start with th...
09 Nov
  Travel Insurance

Make Your Family Trip More Fun

You plan to have a family trip but you worry about the traveling risks that might happen to you along the way. Do you worry that you might lose your luggage or...
02 Nov
  Property Insurance

6 Reasons Why Property Insurance is Important for You

Property insurance is the type of loss insurance that protects your property or assets in the form of house (the building) and its contents. This type of insura...
31 Oct
  Life Insurance

4 Important Questions Prior to Purchasing Life Insurance

When you start planning your finances for the future, life insurance should be included in your financial portfolio. You can make your life insurance policy int...
26 Oct
  Personal Accident Insurance

Understanding the Definition of Personal Accident in an Insurance

Personal accident insurance is a type of insurance that offers personal protection and benefit in the form of compensation for death, disability, and medical tr...
23 Oct
  Motorcycle Insurance

The Importance of Insurance for Your Motorcycle

Speaking of motor vehicle insurance, the insurance for motorcycles is as important as the insurance for cars because motorcycles have as much risks as cars.The...
16 Oct
  Life Insurance

This is The Best Life Insurance for New Families

As newlyweds or new parents, it is important for you to have life insurance policy. The kind of life insurance which can offer benefits for you and your small b...
16 Oct
  Travel Insurance

The Importance of Travel Insurance

A vacation trip means an exploration for new experiences. A trip is supposed to entertain and relax your weary and tired mind and soul. To leave the hustle and...