15 Feb
  Health Insurance

Health Insurance vs. Smokers

One of the biggest myths regarding health insurance is, if you are a smoker, you will face some obstacles before getting your insurance application approved. Ob...
12 Feb
  Car Insurance

Reasons Why Your Car Claim Got Denied

When your car got damaged or lost, it is the right time to file a claim. However, you may be surprised if the insurance company denies your claim or reduce the...
12 Feb
  General Insurance Topics

The Correct and Proper Way to Buy Insurance Online

Nowadays, purchasing insurance online has become a popular thing to do due to a number of reasons, including simplicity, convenience, lower price, no agents nee...
06 Feb
  Property Insurance

Flood Protection

Rainy season in Indonesia always causes huge floods every year. This surely has damaging effect on properties, especially houses.Ironically, the protection for...
29 Jan
  Health Insurance

Why is Your Health Insurance Claim Rejected?

If you are suffering from illness which requires medical action, this is the right time for you to use your health insurance. You can file a claim to get the be...
22 Jan
  Property Insurance

Are the Properties in Your House Well Protected?

When you can finally make your dream house a reality, often the plan to protect it is not within your priority list. However, you tend to realize how important...
15 Jan
  Motorcycle Insurance

Do Not Let Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy Expires!

Motor vehicle insurance policy is an insurance policy with a period of one year only. Now, recheck your motorcycle insurance policy. Is the term still valid or...
08 Jan
  Health Insurance

Importance of Health Insurance for Women

Women play an important role in a family and they do it sincerely and responsibly. They work hard to give the best to ensure the happiness of their loved ones.N...
02 Jan
  General Insurance Topics

Benefits of Being Insured at a Young Age

It is always fun to start early in all good and beneficial things. Make this into a mindset within our young hearts, so we can do positive things right away, in...
26 Dec
  Car Insurance

Does Insurance Protect Your Car from Natural Disaster?

Natural disaster has struck Indonesia yet again. Two big earthquakes and one tsunami occurred within a short period of time. The first earthquake hit Lombok, Ba...