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Always Bring Your Domestic Travel Insurance

Posted At June 14th, 2019

You want to explore the beauty of Mount Rinjani, dive in the beauty of the underwater Derawan Islands, or just relax enjoying the sunrise at exotic Bromo. Wherever you go, always take domestic travel insurance as a loyal friend of your trip.

Travel insurance will protect you from various risks while traveling.

Best Protector

Let's discuss certain situations when your domestic travel insurance functions as a great savior.

Situation 1: When You Lose Valuable Goods

When traveling, if you lose luggage, the airline may compensate for the loss. However, the replacement will certainly not be enough if your luggage contains valuables in it, such as jewelry, expensive watches, electronic devices, souvenirs, and so on.

Domestic travel insurance ensures that all your luggage is guaranteed and safe during the trip.

Situation 2: When You Do not Have Life or Health Insurance

If you have a complete life and health insurance policy, you can replace the role of travel insurance for life and health protection. Your life and health insurance policy can be beneficial if there is a death or any medical emergency during the trip.

However, if you do not have life, health, or domestic travel insurance, you should be prepared to spend a lot of money if there is a risk of death or medical disorders during the trip.

Therefore, whatever the situation, it is better to have domestic travel insurance while you are traveling so that the risk of death or medical disorders can be eliminated properly.

Situation 3: When Your Flight Schedule is Canceled or Delayed

Flight cancellations or delays are common and unexpected things. This can be caused by aircraft technical problems, bad weather, or unfriendly natural conditions.

If this happens on your journey, the negative effect is that you have the potential to experience various losses, such as losing a deposit due to cancellation of accommodation bookings, lagging behind flights, and so on.

However, there is no need to worry too much because your domestic travel insurance is designed to deal with risks like this.

Travel insurance can cover your losses due to flight cancellations or delays.

Situation 4: When You Lost a Card or Important Document

Bad luck sometimes happens on your trip, such as losing a wallet or bag containing various cards and important personal documents, such as identity cards, ATMs, or passports.

All of that is an important part of your trip. In fact, you cannot verify your accommodation booking or flight ticket without a valid document.

Furthermore, replacing all the important cards or documents with new ones can also be a hassle and costly thing. However, your domestic travel insurance certainly won't let that happen.

Your travel insurance guarantees all these important documents by providing compensation or bearing related costs if you have to make a new one.

Situation 5: When You Have to Bear a Large Medical Cost

When you travel, medical risks due to illness or accident can occur and you must get medical treatment at the hospital. The situation will get worse if it turns out you also do not have health insurance. This certainly can drain the contents of your pocket and wallet in an instant.

The effect is that your travel budget will be very stunted.

So, to avoid undesirable things like that, you must have domestic travel insurance even if you travel with a short time.

Must Carry!

Imagine, if these various situations occur then surely change your journey to be bad.

Therefore, travel insurance is designed to protect and provide comfort in your trip so that it feels pleasant without any worries about various risks during the trip.

So wherever you go, having travel insurance, both domestic and international is a must.

Always take your travel insurance.


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