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About Us

About Us

We always look to the future and hope it’s a better one and have high expectations of a better tomorrow. One aspect that goes a long way in ensuring a better future is the security of ourselves, our loved ones and our assets. Insurance has always been able to offer this security. But for all the benefits that Insurance provides, it has also created a very negative image in the eyes of the public.

This is where Bandingin comes in. Bandingin is an innovative and forward-thinking insurance platform which creates a safe, customer friendly and easy to use environment for our customers. At Bandingin, customers can research and learn about insurance, find insurance companies & products and compare various insurance products from different companies. Offering customers, a full access pass for anything and everything related to insurance.

We are company formed by regular & simple people like yourselves who understand the need of insurance but also feel the pain and headaches of buying one. We have walked the same path a lot of you have and realized that unless we create some changes, most people will keep struggling to secure their assets, families and future. Bandingin, takes everything that’s complicated about insurance and converts that into easy. Easy product searches, Easy product comparisons, Easy product guides, Easy products explanations and Easy choices.

Who We Serve

Our company serves both the customers and insurance companies. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs for getting insurance and we cater to those needs. Most people know they need insurance, but they don’t know what to get. They don’t understand the role of insurance  companies or where to buy the best product. The lack of awareness and knowledge is the main reason why people fail to buy insurance and put themselves and their families at risk.

We also work with the leading insurance companies in the industry to offer them an efficient and high performing distribution channel. This allows them to reach higher potential customers and improve the awareness of their brand and products. We also help them save costs while acquiring new customers and making their products and services more viable to customers.

Bandingin is a mutually beneficial platform for both the customers and the insurance providers which creates a unique service that has a lasting value for the future.