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5 Exclusions in Travel Insurance

Posted At March 1st, 2019

Travel insurance is a must for those of you who are about to take a trip, both domestic or international. Travel insurance protects you from unexpected incidents that could ruin your trip.

With a good travel insurance policy, you can let go of the potential worries such as medical expenses, lost baggage or passport, flight delays, and even compensation for death.


Just like with any other insurance policies, travel insurance also has some exclusions. It is crucial for you to know all the conditions and incidents that are not covered by your policy.

Here are five common exclusions in a travel insurance.

Pre-existing health condition

Generally, a pre-existing health condition is not covered in a travel insurance policy.

So if you experience a medical problem related to a pre-existing health condition such as miscarriage or cancer, then be prepared to take out some money from your own pocket to pay for the medical bills.

It is better to disclose to the insurance company about your health condition or any illness you might currently have because the insurance company will do a thorough background check prior to issuing the compensation money.

Accidents due to dangerous activity

Very few insurance companies would cover the risks related to extreme adventurous sports such as bungee jumping, deep sea diving, parasailing, etc. in their travel insurance products.

So be prepared to pay the medical bills from your own pocket if an accident were to happen due to such dangerous sport activities.

Visiting dangerous places

Travel insurance policy clearly states that it does not protect any accident or death in dangerous places such as conflict or war zones, places of epidemics and so on.

Make sure beforehand that the destinations of your trip do not include the prohibited and dangerous places list in your travel insurance policy.

A situation where you endanger yourself

Your travel insurance claim will surely be denied if you experience medical problems or death caused by suicide attempt, or if you get into an accident under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

Natural disasters

Travel insurance does not protect you from injuries or losses caused by natural disasters such as tsunami, earthquake, or typhoon.

Be Thorough

The fact is, often times we buy a travel insurance policy at the very last minute and choose the cheapest one available. We ignore the fact that accidents can happen anytime.

Therefore, it is better to spare some time to read and understand the coverages and exclusions stated in your travel insurance policy.


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