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Why are we special

Customer focused

We always consider our customer’s needs, what products will help them and how we can secure our customer’s futures. That’s why our process is driven by customers, for customers.

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Information Based

Without proper understanding and knowledge, you will never be able to buy the right products. We ensure that we provide relevant information to help decide which products are good for you and how the product helps you.

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Fair and Neutral

Because we are loyal towards our customers, we only offer products that can help you. Our search results are based on the quality of the products. We are Fair towards our Customers and Neutral towards Insurance Companies.

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Why should you consider insurance?

Life is unexpected – we can only make it more secure

Besides being complicated, the benefits of insurance cannot be seen or felt. But have you ever considered How even the smallest of accidents can cause you trouble? How you can ensure the financial and emotional safety of your family’s future? It’s not just about building a great life, it’s also about maintaining it. Insurance ensures that although you are not getting any benefits today, you are still able to create stability in your life.

It’s not about today – it’s about your future

How to use Bandingin:

Check out how easy and simple it is to use Bandingin.com. Follow these simple steps and soon you will be on your way to securing your future with optimal protection.

How to use Bandingin.com?
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Features and Benefits

Great Articles

We offer simple and informative content to help you make smart decisions and well informed choices.

Forums & Chats

Discuss and Share information with other individuals just like yourself. Learn from others or Help others.

Great Offerings

We offer great products from various different companies at great prices. We also offer great promos.

Buy online

You can buy or apply for products online with a few simple steps. This way you do things at your pace and you don’t have to talk to any agents.

Quick, Easy & Free

Our entire process is designed to offer great customer journey. And you can get instant quotes for Free.

Customised Product Searches.

We don’t complicate our product searches by giving you lots of products. We only show products that can help you and are suitable for you.

Our Customers Testimonial


kami keluarga yang hobby sekali traveling, untuk rasa aman, kami selalu memilih asuransi perjalanan bagi keluarga. Banyak produk asuransi yang di tawarkan dan kadang kami pusing untuk menelaah satu per satu, tapi di situs Bandingin.com semua menjadi mudah karena mereka memiliki fitur "membandingkan" produk asuransi terbaik dengan berbagai benefit yang di tawarkan. Very recommended website...

Taufik Hidayat

thank you so much Bandingin.com, very helpful website untuk kawula muda seperti saya yang bingung untuk memilih produk asuransi.Bandingin.com memiliki fitur menarik karena memberikan choices dengan tiga kategori terbaik untuk kita pilih.


saya seorang kepala rumah tangga, sangat memerlukan proteksi asuransi untuk melindungi keluarga saya, dan Bandingin.com sangat membantu saya dalam menentukan pilihan terbaik sesuai dengan yang keluarga saya butuhkan

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